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Cover letter layout
Useful phrases for the beginning of the letter
Sample cover letters


  • accompanies your Curriculum Vitae
  • should be short
  • specific cover letter is directed at a specific company, specific person, and position.
  • The specific cover letter personally addresses the company’s needs, sends a positive message to the employer that you are truly interested because you took the time to write an individual letter.
  • general cover letter is often addressed Dear Employer, and emphasizes your qualifications relevant to the post you are applying for



14, Gajeva St [comment]
21000 Novi Sad
25th Sept. 2014 [comment]
Mr. Jones - Dir. of Human Resources [comment]

Johnson& Barnes
10 Bul. Oslobodjenja
Novi Sad

Dear Mr. Jones, [comment]

My name is Petar Janković and I am writing in response to your advertisement for a Graduate Trainee in ”Blic”. I enclose my CV for your consideration. [comment]

I first became interested in auditing while I was studying on Faculty of Economy. I firmly believe that this is a career which will enable me to use not only my interest in business and finance, but also my skills in working with people, both in an advisory and a managerial capacity. [comment]

I am particularly interested in a career with Johnson& Barnes because of the high reputation of your training scheme and your commitment to giving new recruits early responsibilities. [comment]

During my time as a student I had a variety of part-time and vacation jobs, all of which  required me to work as part of a team and to deal directly with the public. I found my work at the Tourist Information Office particularly valuable in teaching me the importance of understanding customers' needs and providing clear and accurate information in response to those needs. [comment]

I will be available for interview at any time apart from the 12 - 14 August when I have arranged  to attend a seminar on Kopaonik. [comment]

I look forward to hearing from you shortly. [comment]

Sincerely, [comment]

Petar Janković [comment]


Dear Sir or Madam,

  • I would like to apply for the post in your company advertised in…
  • Please find enclosed my application form for the post of trainee logistics manager with your organization as advertised in Blic (Reference No. 12345).
  • In response to your advertisement regarding the safety/loss control position in your organization I am enclosing a resume for your review. Please consider this letter as my formal application presenting my background, education and experience.
  • I enclose my CV in respect of the above vacancy/position (or state position advertised and when it appeared).
  • I am responding to your advertisement in Blic, dated 1/20/00, regarding the GP position. Please find enclosed my resume showing my education, experience, and background.



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