Each working day, on these pages you can find a new word and its forms, a new phrasal verb and a new collocation and/or an idiom with an explanation and exercises to help you memorize them.

After 5 working days you will have a bank of new words and their forms. Then, if you like you can do the test comprising all the words and a bit of grammar.

Svakog radnog dana na ovim stranicama možete pronaći po jednu novu reč i njene oblike, jedan frazalni glagol i kolokaciju sa objašnjenjem i vežbanjima koja će vam pomoći da ih zapamtite.

Nakon tih pet dana imaćete banku novih reči. Zatim, možete da uradite test da proverite koliko ste zapamtili i koje od datih reči zaista možete da koristite u kontekstu kad vam je to potrebno. Sem pređenih reči svaki test uključuje i jedan gramatički deo.

This week's word with LIVE


1. If this party doesn't up soon, I'll leave. (= become more lively)

Phrasal verbs with: ROLL



1. When income tax time rolls , accountants are really busy. (= return)


This week's phrases are with: BUSINESS


1. We are expecting some new deals, so we'll have to take staff, probably about 10 new people . (= employ new staff)

Correct answers:


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