besplatne vezbe engleskog jezika

LTC već dugi niz godina organizuje kurseve poslovnog engleskog kao i ubrzane kurseve za sve nivoe. Na ovoj stranici naći ćete vežbe koje koristimo na poslovnim kursevima koje će vam pomoći da savladate osnovne veštine potrebne da uspešno obavljate svoj posao na engleskom jeziku!


Business letter

Eager to impress the boss - Quiz

Do you know how to use all those gadgets at work? Read the story below and find out what might happen if you don’t.
While reading, complete the sentences with the correct word.

Equation of Earnings - Fill in the gaps

How you made money - Quiz

Investment counselor - Gap-fill exercise

It is often said that lawyers are not very honest people. But, it is not always true. Read this short story and find out.
While reading, fill in the gaps with the missing words. Remember, the first word that you come up with is usually the correct one.

Luxury offices for work and play keep the staff in jobs ( - Quiz

Do you like your office? Would you like to have more facilities for relaxation at work? Or you would maybe like to finish your work and go home.
Read a short article about a company called ASICS and check your spelling and grammar while reading.

Homeless man returns credit card, gets job offer (Toronto Sun) - Quiz

Read this interesting story about a poor, honest man and complete the sentences with the words given.

Good balance gives you a leg-up on long life (ABC news) - Quiz

We all want to live longer. Read the article below and find out how to live longer.
While reading, choose the correct word to complete the sentence.

A carpet fitter is a real role model (The Sun) - Gap-fill exercise

Gadget to ease terror of dentist's drill ( - Gap-fill exercise

Imagination - Gap-fill exercise

Is imagination important in business? Think about jobs which require employees to be imaginative. Read the short text below and say if you think the young man was really imaginative.
While reading complete the sentences with the missing words.

Last name - Gap-fill exercise

What do you think about formality at work? Should people be called by their first or last names? What are the pros and cons for each? Read the anecdote below and think how you would react in this situation.
While reading fill in the missing words to complete the sentences.

Life after death - Gap-fill exercise

Prepositions, articles, quantifiers… those small words which always give us a headache. Difficult to master, but unavoidable in reading, speaking and writing. The problem is that prepositions are used differently in different languages. They usually cannot be literally translated.
Read the joke below and complete the gaps with missing prepositions, articles and other small words.

Problem of getting late - Gap-fill exercise

Here is one more exercise that practices small words such as prepositions, pronouns and articles in English. Since prepositions cannot stand alone, it makes sense to learn them in phrases and sentence. It might be difficult at first, but later it will help you become more fluent both in speaking and writing.
Read the anecdote below and complete the gaps with small words.

Talking dog -Gap-fill exercise

All the words missing in the joke below have up to three letters. As you know, not only articles and prepositions are short. There are also other words in English that have up to three letters.
Read the joke and decide which word is missing.

Too much sitting after work harms heart: study (CBS News) - Gap-fill exercise

Trainee In MNC - Gap-fill exercise

We all make mistakes. But, sometimes those mistakes are costly and you have to be smart enough to find your way out.
Read an anecdote about an employee who got out of trouble in a funny way. While reading, decide which words are missing.




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