Fill in the gaps to make an idiom.

1. I only asked her to open the window, but she made such a song and about it.
2. He plays his negotiations by , going into them with no clear or fixed plan.
3.…..“When I interviewed Paul Newman in 2002 in Chicago for his role in “The Road to Perdition,” he was quick to confirm he wasn’t ready for his song. “I keep trying to retire from everything and discovered I've retired from absolutely nothing,” he said.”….
4.Marry a real clanger by asking Judith about her job. What she didn’t know is that marry was fired only two days before that.
5. I brought the food and all the to go with it.
6. So, we are going on holiday. That's to my ears.
7. He is always listening to music, even when he's going to sleep. He's a real music .
8. This flat went for a . The owners were in a real hurrry to sell it.