Choose the most appropriate idiom for the following sentences.

1. ….“I was supposed to interview Miles Davis after the show but he was too ill. But the music that night was exquisite. It was his .”……
2. ‘I don’t have time to prepare for this interview, so I’ll just .’
3. " Marry by asking Judith about her job. What she didn’t know is that marry was fired only two days before that.
4. John:"So, what do you plan to do when you get home?"
Jake:"I'm going to have a shower, have my dinner, feed the cat, watch TVand "
5. A: (listens to music and totally ignores people)
B: heeellooo? ??
6. So they're getting married. That's .
7. He bought that flat two months ago.
8. As usual, Mike about his exam.