Pictured: solid gold and gem-encrusted £140,000 mobile phone (Telegraph)

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A solid gold and gem-encrusted mobile phone that is worth tens of thousands pounds has been unveiled.

The phones each weigh 900 grams but are cast with solid 22-carat gold.

British designer Stuart Hughes, 38, is to make only 10 sets of the exclusive Privé Phones, that cost £140,000 .

The phones are eight inches and three inches wide with an aerial measuring almost four inches.

They weigh a hefty 1,380 grams and include an ion battery that lasts for to a week.

Owners of the cells will also benefit a year's membership of exclusive private club Privé International, worth £20,000.

The Canadian company contacted Stuart and commissioned him to create the ten luxury handsets which took six weeks.

He gold-plated his first mobile phone, a Nokia 8800, seven years and has since been making elaborate bespoke iPhones and iPods for customers in London, Monaco and Marbella.

His gold-plated iPhones cost between £1,800 and £22,000 have been bought celebrities including Stefano Gabbana, co-founder of fashion brand Dolce and Gabbana.

''These phones are for the uber-rich and look fantastic - they are so huge comparison to the phones of today," he said.

''I tend to work for very exclusive clients all the world and my work is becoming renowned for it's design and the luxury materials I use."

He added: ''It takes hours to make each individual piece because we choose our design and materials very carefully to create the super quality products.''

He recently the headlines when he created the world's most expensive television - totalling a colossal £1.25 million pounds.