50 Cent asked to be rhino's godfather (ABC news)

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A South African community group wants 50 Cent to become "godfather" to black rhino who survived two poaching attacks despite being shot nine times.

50 Cent, famous for hits like In Da Club and Candy Shop, was also shot nine times drug dealing on the streets of New York before beginning his music career.

"We want to ask him he wants to become the godfather of our rhino so that he can create awareness worldwide about rhino poaching," said Andre Snyman of eBlockwatch, a community policing group in South Africa.

Phila shot twice in July but survived, Snyman The Sunday Times.

Her owner, a private farmer, then cut her horn to try to protect her. But three weeks later poachers returned, shot her seven times and tried to hack the stub.

Rhino poaching has doubled this year in South Africa, with 227 slaughtered so far compared to 122 in all last year.

Experts blame the increase demand for rhino horns in China and Vietnam, where it is used in traditional medicine.

the rapper agrees to take on the project, Snyman said Phila could be renamed One Pound, because she is bigger 50 Cent.