A carpet fitter is a real role model (The Sun)

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A carpet fitter has been signed up a model at the age 50 after being spotted while laying the flooring at a talent scout's home.
Rob Knighton, from Shoreditch, East London, could now be set for worldwide recognition thanks Next Model Management.
The father-of-one, is single and originally from Essex, had been carpet fitter for more than 30 years before the chance meeting.
He said: "I never imagined I would another career at the age of 50, but it just goes to show nothing is ever impossible."

"My son thinks great and I love all the travel.
"It's a big change from carpets all day.
"I feel lucky. It's amazing and like a whole life for me."
Already Rob modelled for a top designer and done a shoot a fashion magazine.
Men's booker Sarah Vickery said: "As soon we saw Rob, we knew our clients would love him we weren't wrong."

"His amazing face, hot body and fascinating experience make him so attractive to clients."
"It's unusual to hear of anyone starting out at the age of 50 and doing high profile work."